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Product Care

When you invest in a Finnieston garment, you are investing in a durable, high quality item that has been built to last. To preserve the condition of your Finnieston item you must follow the care guidelines for each individual product.


The Stobcross Jacket

The Stobcross Jacket's dry wax cotton fabric comes from Halley Stevensons in Dundee, and they also supply the Finnieston Reproofer, which we recommend purchasing and using every 6 months on your Finnieston jacket.  The Reproofer restores the original water resistant properties to your Stobcross Jacket, and is simple to use. You simply shake the bottle and spray evenly on to your jacket from a distance of 10-15cm, saving the hassle associated with many traditional wax jackets which have to be sent away to be re-waxed by a specialist. The Stobcross is a sponge clean only jacket.


The Beltane Coat

Due to the velvet trimming, The Beltane Coat is a dry clean only item.


Finnieston Cashmere

Finnieston's cashmere items are machine washable at a 30 degree wash, when washed with a non biological detergent. Always wash your Finnieston cashmere pieces inside out and, after washing, pull the garments to shape when damp and always dry flat. You should avoid placing your cashmere in the way of direct heat or sunlight and we advise you iron your cashmere by using steam on the garment surface.


The Afton Lambswool Sweat

The Afton Lambswool Sweat is a cool hand wash only item, to be washed at 35 degrees using pure soap. It should be rinsed thoroughly in cool water and squeezed out by hand. It should be laid out flat in shape to dry and ironed using a cool iron on a wool setting and damp cloth. The Afton Sweat can also be dry cleaned.


The Templar Lambswool Cable Knit

The Templar Lambswool Cable Knit is a dry clean only item. 


Finnieston Lambswool Accessories 

The Finnieston lambswool accessories are dry clean only.