With the Finnieston Jacket being the icon of our brand, it makes sense that A/W is our hero season and, to celebrate this, each A/W Finnieston will collaborate with a Scottish artist to produce a bespoke, limited edition lining to go with our men’s Stobcross Jacket and the women’s Beltane Coat. Each collaboration will be entirely unique, a product of our brand and the artist at the time, and we are proud to announce our first collaboration is with renowned Glasgow artist James Klinge.

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James Klinge

Formerly going by the title of Klingatron, James Klinge dropped the alias in 2017 to continue his career under his own name. Those living in Glasgow may not know his name, but they will recognise his work – which includes the iconic Clydeside ‘Tiger Style’ mural, his Saltmarket ‘Study Of A Woman In Black’ and the Mitchell Lane ‘The Panda.’
Finnieston founder Ross Geddes was already a fan of Klinge’s work, and, finding a resonance between what he wanted the Finnieston brand to be and the expressiveness of Klinge’s work, Ross began to steadily pursue Klinge, determined to have him onboard. His diligence paid off and James agreed to get out of his fine art comfort zone and work on a lining print – something he had never done before. Klinge says:
‘It was my intention to create a visual that had the expressive marks seen in my paintings as the patterns foundation, but to develop and manipulate that into a design best suited for a jacket lining. The pattern started from me attacking a canvas with paint and a pallet knife, moving the paint around in a way that feels like an unconscious form of expression to then be brought in to the computer, giving more control of the outcome to render the final design.’
From attacking a canvas to the digital print our first collaborative Finnieston x James Klinge lining has been a process, and one we’re incredibly proud to have taken part in.

Artists Image

Become an Artist

Each year we aim to collaborate with a different artist to bring their unique perspective to Finnieston, mirroring the way that different cultures have impacted on our namesake area, giving it it's vibrant character. If you would like to collaborate with us please contact us using the details below. 

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