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The Finnieston Story


Established in 2017, Finnieston Clothing is a modern heritage brand, offering premium lifestyle pieces with a strong focus on quality. We have strived to ensure Finnieston has been careful and considered in its approach, and have gone to great lengths to oversee every element of the process from concept to finished article in the interest of design, quality and sustainability.

 Utilising Scottish suppliers and craftspeople, from Robert Mackie in Ayrshire, McNaughton Holdings in Perth and Halley Stevensons in Dundee, Finnieston garments have been made and  constructed from the finest materials manufactured to the highest standards, in mills and factories with hundreds of years worth of reputation.

 Our home is Glasgow, a city with a world renowned reputation for its shipbuilding past. Clydebuilt used to be an industry benchmark of quality and durability, a benchmark which Finnieston seeks to revive.

 Heading into 2020, our outerwear has been designed with a nod to styles expertly curated from shipbuilding archives to which Finnieston Clothing have exclusive access. The colour palette reflects the steel plating of Clydebuilt steamers, warships and ocean liners, with Hull Red and Bone featuring prominently on branding. For the first time since its conception, dazzle camouflage - a feature used on early 20th century warships - has been used on trims and accessories throughout the collection.

 Using painstaking attention to detail, we have replicated yet modernised workwear garments from Glasgow’s shipbuilding heyday, each piece custom constructed and built to last.